Hill Country Crisis Council, is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in April of

1984 to serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Hill Country CARES originally

operated as a volunteer organization with a 24-hour hotline staff, ran by willing community

members who also transported clients to the nearest shelter which was in Marble Falls, Texas.

By the end of 1984 a director was hired to develop the program. It was during this initial stage

that several accomplishments were realized, including enlistment of a Board of Directors,

securing government contracts for operating funds, and purchasing facilities, which serve as the

current shelter and the counseling offices. Over the next several years it became necessary to expand the 

Hill Country Crisis Council staff to include a volunteer coordinator, outreach counselor, and a counselor 

specifically for children.Services were expanded to add programs for incest survivors, a school-based

 anti-victimization program, as well as a program for batterers. Eventually the service area was expanded 

from Kerr County to include the counties of Gillespie, Kendall and Bandera. In 1990, the existing facilities

were partially renovated, and in 1994 an additional building was purchased which still serves as

the administrative office. That same year a complete analysis of all the programs resulted in streamlining

 costs. By restructuring staff, a more cost-effective delivery of services was obtained without a reduction in

quality or quantity of those services. A school and family advocate were also added to the staff.

The public education effort was increased with emphasis on presentations in the local schools.

Expanded services then began to be delivered to the outlying counties, rather than having clients

travel to Kerrville to receive services.In 2009 Hill Country Crisis Council began discussions with the Kids’

 Advocacy Place regarding the merger of the two organizations. Kids’ Advocacy Place (KAP) had been in

 existence for 12 years, providing forensic interviews and serving abused children and their non-offending

caregivers in a five-county area now including Kimble County in our service area. Following the necessary

 legal steps, the merger was completed. This merger strengthened both organizations in terms of services

 provided for clients as well as strengthening financial stability. They continue to work hand in hand taking a multi-disciplinary approach including area law enforcement agencies, the 198th, 216th, 451st and 452nd District Courts

 and the Department of Family and Protective Services. We look toward the future with high expectations of 

expanding our services and building new facilities and maintain our status as one of the top agencies in Texas 

that provide safety andhealing and positively affect long-tern health for generations to com.