Our Emergency Shelter offers women and their children a short-term safe and secure environment to escape from the hand of domestic violence.
The Shelter is designed to provide a safe, family-friendly and pet-friendly, therapeutic environment where women and children can begin to heal from trauma and begin establishing self-sufficiency. The goal of the shelter is to serve as a bridge to assist residents in moving from an emergency situation to stable, appropriate housing.
The Shelter is not “just a place to stay,” but rather a stepping stone to a better life. Throughout the client’s stay, our staff offers counseling, financial education, support groups, job advocacy and help with finding permanent housing. We seek to improve our client’s life for the long-term, not just the immediate challenge. And because there is a significant correlation between domestic violence and pet abuse, HCCC plans to offer safe shelter for women and their animals fleeing violence by 2020.

Additional Services

 Case Management

Three meals per day

Assistance finding long-term housing

Transportation assistance

Access to primary care

Access to mental health services

Recovery support services

Access to substance use disorder treatment

Life skills

Job Readiness/Search assistance